"I believe that the Fortunes of Century Textiles & Industries Limited rest solely on its continuing ability to evolve and successfully implement new techniques and systems to anticipate future trends and zero in on to them, to be in short, a company that is plugged into tomorrow.."

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Manikgarh Cement is a division of Century Textiles & Industries Ltd., belonging to the BK Birla Group of Companies, a leading Business House with its presence in Core Industries like Textiles, Rayons, Chemicals, Paper & Pulp and Cement, which has been at the vanguard in generating wealth for the Nation.  Our heritage of being a part of this group carries with it a commitment to quality. All our Products meet the most stringent and exacting standards of our growing list of loyal customers who are engaged in building Modern India.

Our Group's Core Value of Quality has built for us an invincible reputation and for this, the finest technology was sourced from world renowned manufacturers and state-of-the art equipment installed for energy efficient and pollution free large scale cement production. The presence of superior technology is also evinced in our various quality initiatives which have fetched for us the coveted ISO-9001:2000, an International Certification for "Quality Management System". We have also got the ISO-14001 Certification for "Environmental Management System" which amply reflects our commitment to the environment.

Our Customer is the focal point for all our endeavors and what we value most is their trust in us, whether that be in the aspect of reliability of supply or in the aspect of quality assurance.  An extensive distribution network and a retail chain of thousands of outlets stretching across the length and breadth of regions, play a vital role in taking our cement units closer to the customer's doorsteps.  Further, our efficient and responsive technical staff excel in providing quick and expert care so as to enable thousands of users to keep smiling and ever wanting our products.

"Complete Customer Satisfaction and fulfilling the expectations of society is the key to success of any business enterprise in Global Economy".
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